Rails to Trails

This land is your land

In an effort to preserve the natural environment and contribute to the well-being of others, John G. Rangos, Sr. and his three children donated a six-mile tract of land in Westmoreland County, PA to the regional Trail Corporation in 2002. Plans called for the land to be used as a recreational walking and biking trail. Nearly 71 acres, the parcel stretches from Salem Township through Loyalhanna Township and beyond Slickville, PA. It was appraised at $2.25 million.

One industry’s problem is another’s remedy

John G. Rangos, Sr. has long been a proponent of advancing technology to solve problems not just in education and healthcare, but also as they relate to environmental issues. Early in his career, he successfully developed innovative answers to problems in the waste transportation and disposal industry. He developed a process to convert power plant boiler-ash into a useful component of cinder blocks and anti-skid material for highways. Mr. Rangos has also been instrumental in inventing techniques for recycling bituminous byproducts, disposing of sewage and sludge and has assisted in developing techniques for disposing of liquid industrial wastes. He is responsible for developing a resource recovery system that converts waste-generated methane into energy. He and his sons advocated the spoke and axle high-tech concept in implementing regional sanitary sites that resolved many environmental concerns.