Working together for a stronger America

At the John G. Rangos Sr. Family Charitable Foundation, we want to create an America that shows children there is a future for them and that they matter. We are all privileged to live in a prosperous and thriving democracy. We firmly believe that every child has the right to dream of possibilities and hope for a bright future. Through our work, we seek to instill in children the value of education and the merit of working hard to pursue opportunities afforded by their learning experiences. Our work today is about changing society.

Learning from the past

At the foundation, we are ever aware of our nation’s heritage. We hold strong appreciation for those who struggled to win America’s independence against great odds. To us it shows exemplary leadership and inspired loyalty. Our forbearers worked together and made sacrifices for the betterment of all. This rich history invokes pride in accomplishment that lives on. Today we are all responsible for the freedoms our nation was founded upon. At the John G. Rangos Sr. Family Charitable Foundation, our success is built on the same philosophy—working together to serve our country.

Preparing for success

At the heart of our work is the goal of ensuring intellectual and physical strength in the next generation. Our children will surely face hard challenges as each generation has before them. It is imperative that we strengthen today’s youth with all the educational and medical resources we can muster. By instilling strong minds and healthy bodies, we prepare our kids to lead successful lives – and help ensure a stronger America for us all.