The Rangos Foundation has Helped International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) Offer Vital Support to Small-Scale Producers of Traditional Items

International Orthodox Christian Charities in Action
Gifts from the Rangos Foundation have helped IOCC offer vital support to small-scale producers of traditional items like batzos, a local specialty cheese made by the 35-member Voio Agricultural Cooperative in Neapoli, Greece. With equipment and training from IOCC, microbusinesses expand their markets and increase their income. Photo: IOCC/Konstantinos Tsakalidis.

More than 25 years ago, Mr. John G. Rangos Sr. was instrumental in helping International Orthodox Christian Charities come into being. As one of IOCC’s co-founders, Mr. Rangos led with a bold vison of Orthodox Christians in the United States offering much-needed care to people in need globally. In the years since its founding in 1992, IOCC has grown to provide over $692 million in aid to people in need all over the world.

Today, Mr. Rangos remains a visionary supporter of IOCC’s continuing work. The John G. Rangos Sr. Charitable Foundation has funded innovative programs in Mr. Rangos’s ancestral home of Greece—where, in recent years, a collapsed economy and other disasters have taken a toll. Through IOCC’s Give for Greece initiative, the Foundation supports development programming such as modest grants to small farms and small businesses. These grants, in turn, help purchase tools or equipment that transform the trajectory of these modest, often family-run organizations. In addition, when the Foundation, through IOCC, supports families who have lost everything due to disasters like the 2018 wildfires in East Attica, it is helping people in ways that bring them to self-sufficiency as they recover from the tragedies life can bring.

Closer to home, Mr. Rangos has supported IOCC’s response to natural disasters in the Americas. Most recently, in the Caribbean, those who survived Hurricane Dorian are gaining access to nutritious food, and children who have lost their parents are given compassionate care through the Foundation’s support.
Core to IOCC’s approach is following the Christian call to help the “least of these” (Matthew 25:40). Also integral is not only meeting basic needs, like access to food and water, but also providing a way for people to thrive—as in IOCC’s work with small-scale agriculture and small businesses. Together, the Foundation and IOCC are humbled to serve people in need every day.