Rangos Life Sciences Building – Johns Hopkins University

Combining Research with Industry

Dedicated to fostering a healthier world and society, the Rangos Family Foundation has given millions to the Institute for Basic Biomedical Sciences (IBBS) at Johns Hopkins Medicine (JHM). The gift dovetailed with a long-term urban redevelopment project to build Hopkins’ new $1-billion/88-acre Science + Technology Park , adjacent to JHM’s main campus in Baltimore. Plans for the ever-expanding park include five academic buildings, business offices, housing and retail stores. The $54 million six-story John G. Rangos Sr. Life Sciences Building is the point building in the complex.

With 278,000 square feet of space, the Rangos Building, which was inaugurated in April 2008, provides state-of-the art facilities for advanced research companies to perform research necessary for medical breakthroughs, which are already taking place there.

Inspired by JHM’s many great medical doctors and scientists, Mr. Rangos is pleased that parts of the new facility are named after them (Dr. Horst Schirmer, Dr. Francis Milligan and the late Dr. Charles Segal were each honored with namesake sections within the facility). The plaque inside the Rangos Building’s main hall says, “A building to combine the strength of industry with basic medical science to improve human health.