Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation

Patriotism and Promoting American Values

A child of the Great Depression and a veteran of the Korean War, Mr. Rangos is keenly ware of the qualities represented by the Medal of Honor, the United States’ highest military commendation for valor in combat. That’s why he is such a strong supporter of the Congressional Medal of Honor (CMOH) Society, the body of living Medal of Honor recipients. Mr. Rangos was immensely proud when his boyhood friend, Michael Estocin, received the Medal of Honor for his service to the country.

Mr. Rangos himself received the National Patriots Award from the CMOH Society in 1990, and in the fall of 2010, the CMOH Society gave him a special challenge coin collection to honor his longstanding commitment to the Society, which uses proceeds from all its awards dinners to help veterans and their families; combat and elevate awareness of substance abuse; and expand education and scholarships.

To help perpetuate the Society’s legacy and ensure its ongoing activities and mission, Congressional approval was granted for Mr. Rangos to establish the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation. The CMOH Foundation endeavors to promote awareness of what the Medal of Honor represents: courage, sacrifice and selfless service, all of which can be agents of change in all facets of human life.

The CMOH Foundation seeks to gather the national records of our heroes under one roof and ensure their safekeeping for future generations of Americans. Mr. Rangos and his family understand the importance of giving today’s youth the opportunity to learn about the sacrifices Medal of Honor recipients made for their country. Mr. Rangos served as the CMOH Foundation’s first president and chair. Today, his son Alexander Rangos serves on the board.

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