Duquesne University John G. Rangos Sr. Prizes for Students and Faculty

The Rangos Prizes will be funded by a generous gift from John G. Rangos Sr., totaling $50,000.


Submit your proposal by May 30, 2019. See other important dates below.

Duquesne University is pleased to offer John G. Rangos Sr. Prizes, designed to inspire students and faculty to work to enhance our curriculum, ensuring that it remains relevant and prepares students for productive futures.

Duquesne University knows that today’s students look at the world through a different lens. One that’s global. And digital. Students want a chance to voice their opinions. To engage in civil conversation about important issues. To find solutions to challenging problems. And to make a meaningful difference in their world.

That’s why we’re looking for passionate Duquesne students and faculty who will help us enhance the learning experience—so our graduates can go out and reimagine their world.

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Title page
The title page has three components:

  • Name(s) of the individual(s) participating in the development of the proposal
  • Date submitted
  • Title of the proposal (e.g., new course name, name of new academic material(s), name of new program)

The proposal has three components:

  • Executive summary (1-page maximum)
  • Body of proposal (3-page maximum)
    • Overview/rationale
    • Detailed description of course, materials or program
    • Summary of how course, materials or program relates to the needs and/or concerns of Millennials, Generation Z and future generations of students.
    • Description of how/why the course, materials or program are innovative
  • References or documentation to support proposal

The resource section has three components:

  • Summary of resources needed (human, financial and infrastructure) to complete course, materials or program

Information about submitter(s)

  • Brief bios and CVs or resumes

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About John G. Rangos Sr.

John G. Rangos Sr. is the former chairman of Chambers Development Co. and the former vice-chairman of the board for USA Waste Services, Inc. He currently heads the John G. Rangos Sr. Charitable Foundations, which has funded many important initiatives throughout the Pittsburgh region.

Mr. Rangos has received numerous awards for his visionary and philanthropic works. These include an honorary doctorate in health sciences from Duquesne University (2000); University commencement speaker (2000); and Rangos School of Health Sciences commencement speaker (2014). He has become an integral part of the Duquesne University family and a role model for future generations of Duquesne students and graduates.


After reviewing this site, if you have any additional questions about the process and procedures for the Rangos Prizes, please email provost@duq.edu