Mr. Rangos’ Involvement with CMU

An important partnership has been developed between the Rangos Foundation and Carnegie Mellon University of Pittsburgh (CMU). John G. Rangos, a lifetime emeritus trustee of the University, has developed a relationship through the University Center as well as its tech transfer facility in order to deliver important technologies developed at CMU to industry.  Here is a look at this partnership and each of the ways the Rangos Foundation and CMU work together for the betterment of this and all communities.

Rangos Ballroom at the Cohon University Center

One of the important ways in which the Rangos Foundation has partnered with CMU is through the establishment of Rangos Ballroom at the Jared L. Cohon University Center. The ballroom is an established programming venue that is designed to host lectures, banquets and dances. The total space of the venue is over 6,000 square feet, which can be divided into three smaller spaces of just over 2,000 square feet each.  The ballroom also features a 1,276 square foot stage that is the perfect setup for live performance or other art and culture events.

Information Networking Institute Cooperative Exchange with Greece

Another area of involvement through Rangos’ partnership with CMU is a cooperative exchange between CMU and the country of Greece. This is facilitated through the Information Networking Institute Cooperative, a professional graduate degree program offering programs in Information Networking, Information Security, Mobility and Software Management. John Rangos’ extensive ties with business leaders around the world has led to this relationship, which is also rooted in his Greek heritage.

The relationship between Rangos and many business leaders of Greek descent involved in technology has led to unique tech transfer opportunities for CMU and its students with Greece. The foundation has worked to foster collaborations overseas in order to place innovative technology created through the Information Networking Institute.

About the John G. Rangos Sr. Family Charitable Foundation

The John G. Rangos Sr. Family Charitable Foundation was founded on the notion that children of all backgrounds should understand that a future exists for them and that they matter. The foundation is involved in various philanthropic endeavors throughout the Pittsburgh community, as well as in other parts of the country, to advance its mission and help to provide opportunities in order to develop the intellectual and physical strength of America’s next generation. The foundation is involved in programs involving education, the environment, leadership development and medical research. Find out all the ways the John G. Rangos Sr. Family Charitable Foundation is building a better tomorrow by checking out our partnerships and programs.