International Orthodox Christian Charities: Two Decades of Helping Communities Around the World

One of the world’s most effective, organic charitable organizations, International Orthodox Christian Charities acts as the charitable arm of the Assembly of Orthodox Bishops in North America and works to help communities throughout the world in both regular and emergency forms of assistance. The IOCC has branches throughout countries where Orthodox Christian hierarchies are present and helps them to dispense aid to the needy regardless of their nationality or affiliation. The role of the John G. Rangos Sr. Charitable Foundation is vital to the charitable work the IOCC does today, but the foundation’s history with the IOCC goes back to the very beginning of its foundation in 1992.

Mr. Rangos and the IOCC

John G. Rangos Sr. was one of the original founders of the IOCC, recognizing at the organization’s very foundation that an effective way was needed to distribute assistance to the needy. With the long history of charitable foundations founded by the Orthodox Church throughout its history, the IOCC would begin a foundation for charitable donations and giving to be effectively used and distributed from North America, where a large and generous community existed to help the needy around the world. With Mr. Rangos’ own history in local philanthropy and concern for local communities, his leadership was able to change the way money was distributed into an effective vehicle to help communities in need. And in fact, IOCC today recognizes the value of his original vision– a way for all Orthodox in America, regardless of ethnic background, to help others around the world when they need it most. In 1992, that vision was almost inconceivable, but today, IOCC stands as one of the best-known Orthodox philanthropic organizations throughout the world.

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The IOCC’s Mission

This vehicle in IOCC has allowed it to help directly in areas in serious need for a long period of time. IOCC has been active in the war-torn region of Kosovo since 1999, distributing food and other assistance to the needy regardless of ethnicity or religious background. This neutrality in some of the most dangerous regions in the world brought IOCC to the forefront of the difficulties relief workers face during times of war– they are often the most at risk. Yet almost from its inception, IOCC has found itself able to help others in the face of whatever danger or natural disaster awaited. IOCC was able to send over a quarter of a million pounds of food to the needy in the Russian Federation during periods of crisis, and wherever major disasters occur, IOCC is ready and willing to provide assistance to the needy– often with large matching grants from the John G. Rangos Sr. Charitable Foundation, which continues to be a major contributor to IOCC.

From IOCC’s very beginning in 1992, John G. Rangos, Sr. has worked to fulfill the mandate to feed the hungry, clothe the needy, and help restore and build communities through a unified, straightforward vision. The John G. Rangos Sr. Charitable Foundation, as well as Mr. Rangos himself, continue to work in the neediest regions of the world to make it a better place.