Exploring The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

A visit to a museum can be an awe-inspiring experience for a child, and the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh is apt to be a fascinating place for countless little ones. Even youngsters who might not ordinarily appreciate a museum setting will find something that captures their attention at this Pittsburgh landmark. From autumn activities to story days to make believe workshops, the possibilities are plentiful for those who visit the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.

Autumn Fun

The Awesome Autumn exhibit at the museum was designed to delight and inspire young visitors. Little ones who come to the museum in the next month or so may be able to participate in an Awesome Autumn Parade. Kids might also create hats made in lovely autumn hues, and they can listen to stories about the season. This fall program is a feature of the Early Childhood Program at the museum.

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MAKESHOP Activities

MAKESHOP is a space made to be fun and educational. This program gives kids a chance to participate in interactive playtime exploration. MAKESHOP enables young visitors to learn about both new and old technologies. Children can enjoy the LEDs exhibit in early October; this exhibit introduces little ones to the concept of LED lights and circuits. Other recent or upcoming MAKESHOP exhibits and activities include “Oversized Chainmail” and “Light Painting”.

Maker Faire Pittsburgh

Another upcoming event produced by the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh is Maker Faire Pittsburgh. This festival lasts for two days, and it is sure to make an impression on young minds. Maker Faire is a combination of carnival and science fair, with show and tell opportunities, as well. Visitors will be able to view a broad assortment of projects created by over 200 participants. Those in attendance will have access to exhibits and projects based on technology, arts and crafts, unusual machinery, and many other concepts. Guests and participants may also enjoy an education zone and a designated demonstration area. Food trucks will be available to feed hungry kids and adults, and guests might even peruse and purchase handmade crafts. Speakers and performers will also be part of this exciting event.

Fall Hikes for Tots

Autumn is the perfect time for young ones to walk outdoors and learn about nature. The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh offers nature walks on the museum grounds for children who are at least five years of age. Depending on the weather, the walks may include activities such as viewing seasonal foliage and singing songs. Participants may also have an opportunity to hunt for treasure and hear stories about nature.

Many of the activities and events associated with the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh are designed to be both educational and interactive. Various programs have been created to encourage kids to be physically active as they explore a wide range of ideas. Little ones can discover science and technology – as well as art and nature – while also staying active. The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh offers plenty of exhibits and programs that will captivate and inspire young visitors.

The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh is just one of the ways that the John G. Rangos Sr. Charitable Foundation works to make a better tomorrow for generations to come. At the Rangos Sr. Charitable Foundation, we feel that the best way to provide for our children is to show them that they matter. That’s why we continually strive to capture children’s interest and stimulate their imagination with the endless interactive opportunities at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. Find out all the ways your child can grow and play and take a visit to the museum today!